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Rapid Results, Inc. has been educating the building industry on proven, performance products that will create more energy efficient, longer lasting structures for the last 12 years. Our clients include building owners, architects, consultants, contractors, and distributors. We specialize in building envelope solutions utilizing high performance low slope roof membrane, air and vapor barriers, coatings, waterproofing, insulation, and metal wall and roof panels.

Jason Opfer
Owner/Product Educator - Omaha, NE

I have been in the building product industry since 1998. I first worked in distribution for 9 years and in 2007 I became a performance product representative covering Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. I enjoy problem solving and providing helpful options during the design phase of building projects. I am more than happy to work at a jobsite to provide hands on training so a quality installation can be accomplished. Making sure the contractors applying our products are educated and trained properly is very important to the success of delivering the finished, expected design to the property owner.

Mike Mueller
Owner/Product Educator - Coralville, IA

I have been in the building product industry since 1997. My first position was working as a steep slope roofing contractor. I got into sales after completing my degree in Engineering from the University of Iowa. In 2016, I joined with Jason to become a product representative covering Iowa and Illinois. I enjoy being part of this industry, helping guide building owners, architects, and general contractors to build a better end product. I want to be a valuable resource for everyone I come in contact with and strive every day to learn more and share what I am learning with those that could use that knowledge.

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Our Products

ATAS International

ATAS International is a leading, innovative manufacturer of metal roof systems. The ATAS metal roofing product line offers more than 20 profiles available in aluminum, steel, zinc and copper.


FiberTite roofing systems provide an innovative, high performance coated fabric membrane that has a unique, four layer technology providing puncture, chemical, and ponding water resistance.


Hunter manufactures the absolute most effective, efficient and innovative Polysio insulation panels available. The Hunter team takes pride not only in driving home the message of energy conservation, but also the means.


Roofnado™ synthetic roof underlayments are the future of roofing underlayment and roofer safety. Micro-etched surface technology provides unmatched slip-resistant properties and outstanding steep-slope walkability. Innovative high traction surfaces, excellent durability, and many other unique features make Roofnado™ underlayments the smart choice for todays roofing professionals.


TegraSeal manufactures high performance bentonite waterproofing systems and cold-joint water stops. Designed for backfilled and blind side walls, under slabs, decks, tunnels, planters, or greenroof installations.

Tremco - Fluid Applied Roofing

Tremco Roofing's extensive range for fluid-applied roofing systems can restore a deteriorating, but still functioning, roof into a long-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system.

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